MYSA Picture Delivery Delay

MYSA Customers, we apologize for the delay some of you have encountered in getting your images.    We’ve dealt with a number of issues on the MYSA project which have caused problems with delivery.   Currently, our supplier has all of the orders but is having equipment issues delaying the delivery of the remaining orders.   We are working with them to resolve this as expediently as possible.  At last check, they hoped to be resuming production today, Monday June 20.    We will be monitoring the situation and will post updates as we have them.

Please also note that due to our limited staff and the volume of calls, we are not returning individual calls for updates or information.  The MYSA Picture Coordinator is being updated on the situation as it develops and has the latest information that we can provide.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

A specific note to teams photographed indoors on Tuesday:  Your teams were photographed against the gray background and based on the results of the other teams and other days, we felt that this caused the images to be less than optimal.  In order to ensure the best quality product, we have edited all of the Tuesday images so that the players appear on the same grass and tree background visible in other team images.  This significant extra effort caused the Tuesday team images to be out of order with the other teams and for them to be affected by the supplier delay.

We thank everyone for their patience.