Check out the Fosters!

One of the things we enjoy doing is capturing images of rescued pets as they prepare to find their furever home.  We provide photography free of charge to verified rescue organizations such as Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue.  As often as possible we also try to get candid shots of the unsung heroes that are the fosters giving these animals a loving but (sometimes not so) temporary home.

Underwater Figure Gallery

As you may be aware, we’re continuing to work hard on our Underwater Sombrero project and we’re excited to report that we’ve finally put together a complete rig to replace the much older failed system we started the project with.

Since our upcoming October expedition will be our biggest and most extensive yet, we decided that some practice with the newly acquired gear was in order.  That in mind, we set up a pool session yesterday with the lovely Kenzie to do just that.   Here’s the results: