2020 Tree Project

While I love having trees in my yard, lately they don’t seem to be loving me. Many of our big tress are old gnarly locusts which aren’t particularly strong and they’ve been faring less and and less well since several of them came down in the remains of Hurricane Ike a number of years ago.

One that I hoped would last a while started showing signs that this was it’s last year. It’s in the back corner of the yard, and of course was helped along by pressure from trees falling onto it from the neighbors property. Since it started leaning badly, I decided it was time to take it down before it came down on the house. At this point, I have it safely on the ground and I’m trying to get it cut up. I’ll add more pictures to this gallery as I get it finished.

1932 Ford Coupe Model

I haven’t actually built a model in probably 30 years, but the bug bit me and since I had one on the shelf from a present a few years back I decided it was time.

I’m taking my time and working on the details carefully, mostly as a distraction from the challenges of life these days.

Since I feel like combining this with my love of photography, here’s a collection of pictures along the way. After it’s done, I’m thinking about using it in some forced perspective scenic shots.

I’ll update this gallery as the project progresses until I get it done.