Giving Back

We at Weigold Photography feel strongly about helping those in need and particularly about helping those that can’t help themselves.   To this end, we regularly support organizations who’s mission includes helping others, and we’re particularly fond of organizations for the good of animals.  We believe strongly in the concept of spay and neuter as a means to control the unwanted pet population.  Euthanasia should not be used to deal with a pet that needs a loving home.  We support the concept of rescue and believe that if you’re looking for a furry family member, you should adopt them from a “no-kill” rescue.  This saves two lives.  One is the dog adopted.  The other is the new animal that can be pulled from harms way by that rescue with new found space.  If we can help in such a noble cause, we will do so.  Currently the Weigold Photography family includes three dogs and two cats, all of which are rescued.  At Weigold Photography, we also believe that there are no “bad” breeds, only bad owners, and as such are opposed to any “breed specific” legislation (or BSL).  Of note:  Buster, one of our rescues, is a Pit Bull.

The types of support we regularly provide includes:

  • No cost photography of animals for adoption for shelters and legitimate rescues

  • Scheduled portrait session events (particularly for holidays) where either a sitting fee or a portion of the proceeds is donated to the organization
  • Discounted website hosting (depending on organization budget) through our sister company Weigold Enterprises
  • Discounted IT support services (depending on organization budget) through our sister company Weigold Enterprises

Some of the organizations we’re supporting currently or have supported in the past include:  Pets in Need of Greater Cincinnati, UCAN – The United Coalition for Animals, Louie’s Legacy Animal RescueAnimal Rescue Fund – Amelia, PAWS Adoption Center of Middletown, League for Animal Welfare

If your organization fits the description of one worthy of our support and you’d like to discuss working with us, please email us at

Here’s a selection of images we’ve captured either of adoptable pets, or at benefit events: